A question to Empty Homes Officers: What do YOU think Action on Empty Homes should lobby politicians about?

It was a pleasure to meet so many empty homes practitioners at the Empty Homes Network annual conference.  For me, it was the first step in developing a new conversation and a stronger relationship between Action on Empty Homes and those whose job it is to ensure as many empty homes are brought back into use as possible.

Policy development

At Action on Empty Homes, we know that there is a range of different ideas about how national policy might be developed to help practitioners bring more empty homes back into use.

At the conference, I asked those attending for suggestions about what we should be lobbying policymakers about. I want to extend that invitation to every empty homes practitioner.

What are the key issues you think Action on Empty Homes should be lobbying politicians about? 

I know councils and council staff are struggling with reduced resources and time is in short supply - so one short sentence will do to give us a sense of what the most import policy challenges are for you in your work.  If you have time to write more, please do.

We will bring all the ideas together in a draft discussion document we will post on our website and ask for your comments on what everyone else has said.

When by?

If you can let me have your suggestions by Friday 9 December this will allow us to bring everything together and post a draft discussion document in January. I will assume that your comments are anonymous unless you indicate otherwise.

Let’s develop the conversation…

Please e-mail me at will.mcmahon@actiononemptyhomes.org

Will McMahon


Action on Empty Homes