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Scottish Empty Homes Conference 2017 - Part 1

One of my favourite experiences from 2016 was last November’s Scottish Empty Homes Conference, held in Edinburgh.  So I was determined to attend the 2017 event, which this year was held in Glasgow.

People make Glasgow

Back in the 1970s, when I lived in Edinburgh, Glasgow seemed rather grey and foreboding. It was a place to visit for rock concerts and football matches, but I didn’t get to know the city at all. 

HCA to 'cane' councils that fail on housing delivery targets?

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It was disturbing to read of an HCA chief apparently threatening - according to Inside Housing - to 'hammer' or 'cane' councils that fail to deliver housing targets.  The Inside Housing story (subscribers only) reports:

Scottish Empty Homes Conference 2016

Although it took place a few days ago, the Scottish Empty Homes Conference was very much in the same spirit as Empty Homes Week: a call to action and a celebration of what is being achieved.


This was the first time I had attended the event and it was well worth the cross-country trek from Exeter to Edinburgh - not least, I admit, because Edinburgh is a city where I once lived and of which I have many happy memories. It was lovely to wander the sunny streets and be reminded of why it earned the title "the Athens of the North".

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