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Community Interest Companies (CICS) - information Library item 1 year 8 months
Self-Help Housing: Supporting locally driven housing solutions - BSHF paper Library item 1 year 8 months
Government should give more to community groups says Story 1 year 12 months
South Somerset showcase for community-based projects Around the web 2 years 4 months
LA Support For Community Led Housing Organisations Procuring Housing Via Empty Property - June 14th, Leeds Event 2 years 6 months
Filling the Empties: national commitment, local action - EHN policy position 2014-15 Library item 2 years 6 months
Liverpool celebrates as Assemble wins Turner Prize for Granby 4 Streets project Story 2 years 11 months
Birmingham research spells out the benefits of Community Grants Programme Story 3 years 4 days
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Empty Homes Week: A funder’s perspective on empty properties Around the web 3 years 5 days
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Big Issue launches Fill 'em Up campaign Around the web 3 years 1 month
Landaid offers £1million to bring empties back into use Around the web 3 years 1 month
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