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NI Empty Homes Unit 'scaled back to the point of non-existence' Around the web 9 months 5 days
Ireland blazes trail with Empty Homes Unit Story 1 year 3 weeks
EHN publishes discussion draft of 2014-15 policy paper Story 1 year 1 month
Alok Sharma appointed Housing and Planning Minister Story 1 year 3 months
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Election emptifestos 2017 Story 1 year 4 months
Put empty homes officer in every council, says Shelter Scotland Story 1 year 4 months
loveMONEY 'election manifesto' promotes CPOs for empties Around the web 1 year 4 months
MP Barry Shearman flags up potential of empties Around the web 1 year 5 months
Liverpool Metro Mayor focuses on empties Around the web 1 year 5 months
Scottish Conservatives pledge further action on empties Story 1 year 5 months
Financialisation of housing - UN report Library item 1 year 7 months
UN reporteur slams commoditisation of housing Around the web 1 year 7 months
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