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From Taskforce to task farce


The recently published report by the Independent Task Force into the Grenfell fire recovery makes frustrating reading. Leaving aside the detail, the bigger picture is one where the Grenfell survivors are caught in the middle of an experiment to reconstruct on the fly a local authority which all concerned agree failed abjectly in its initial response to the tragedy. 

Grenfell and empty homes - EHN draft contribution to the Inquiry

I have just posted a discussion draft of a document that may be submitted to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and that explores the relevance - or potential relevance - of empty homes for the disaster.

Given media reports of Grenfell survivors continuing to live in hotels, the frequent references to empty homes in Kensington and Chelsea, and the headlines when senior Labour politicians proposed requisitioning empty homes to meet the survivors' immediate housing needs, some kind of formal input from the Network seems essential.

Grenfell Tower and empty homes - Questions for consideration: EHN contribution to the Inquiry

Currently a DRAFT for discussion.

2nd version contains minor improvements to wording.

13November2017 - draft now openly available, not restricted to EHN full members.

5th November 2017 - 4th version has improved wording and  includes section on 'survivor choice' and references the Independent Task Force report.


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