Compulsory Sales Orders (Scotland) - detailed proposals

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Property Guardian Pocket Guide - 1st draft published by University of York

Building on the interim findings of the current Property Guardian Research project, Professor Caroline Hunter and Jed Meers at York Law School have compiled a draft ‘Local Authority Pocket Guide to Property Guardians.’

They intend the guide to provide a 101 grounding in the phenomenon and address some of the key issues, particularly: the lease/licence distinction, the application of controls and standards under the Housing Act 2004, and statutory nuisances under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Regulators' Code (2014)

The Code which Regulators, including those using Housing Act powers such as EDMOs, Improvement Notices etc, are supposed to observe.

'Nearly all regulators, including local authorities and fire and rescue authorities, must have regard to it when developing policies and procedures that guide their regulatory activities.'

There is a strong orientation towards avoiding unnecessary impacts on business and less focus on equitability.

State Intervention in Vacant Residential Properties: An Evaluation of Empty Dwelling Management Orders in England

This is the only academic research article into EDMOs, at the time of writing, written by Steven Henderson, Melbourne Sustainability Society Institute, The University of Melbourne.

The first draft was submitted for peer review in August 2012, based on material up to 2011, so further experience will have accumulated since. Whilst EDMOs are situated in their historical context, the core of the research is a detailed examination of individual cases brought to RPTs.

Fascinating material throughout. 

Chris Skinner 1958-2017

Christopher Frank Skinner

 Chris Skinner died on 14 February on his 59th birthday at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, close to his home in Hethersett.

Chris had been in hospital since late December suffering from Guillain Barré syndrome and his sudden death was as a result of complications.

Recent compulsory purchase consultation

The Housing and Planning Act 2016 introduced a number of small changes to compulsory purchase procedures, which have little impact in relation to the compulsory acquisition of empty homes. There were, however, two provisions which are of greater note. One allows the Secretary of State to delegate to an inspector the decision whether or not to confirm a contested CPO. The other provides for the Secretary of State to specify time limits for making decisions on contested CPOs.

Compulsory Purchase - nplaw Guide by Chris Skinner

This Guide has been produced by Chris Skinner, Solicitor, nplaw.

nplaw is the shared legal service for Norfolk Councils hosted by Norfolk County Council.

The Guide has been produced for Empty Homes Network Full members and Library Subscribers only. You'll need to be logged in to access it.

Note: as a property may be owned by a male, a female, or a combination in joint ownership (not to mention a variety of non-natural persons), the Guide uses the plural 'owners' throughout.


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