Library items

Title Type of item Year Post datesort ascending Premium Content
Action Fraud website home page current 16Jan2017
NHB: 2017-18 payments analysed 16Dec2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - Tables 06Dec2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - FOI request 06Dec2016
Property Guardians debate in Lords - Housing and Planning Bill 2016 02Dec2016
John Maher presentation - Nobody's Home 01Dec2016
Fife presentation - using managerial discretion around Empty Homes Premium 01Dec2016
Empty Homes Survey - ComRes, October 2016 28Nov2016
Cumbria Empty Homes Newsletter - Empty Homes Week 2016 24Nov2016
Great Estates - ResPublica report on estate regeneration Report 2016 10Nov2016
Property Guardians UK - facebook page Facebook page 2016 08Nov2016
Who Guards the Guardians? Legal views of property guardian issues 08Nov2016
Vacant Building Credit - Written Ministerial Statement November 2014 10Oct2016
Compulsory purchase - further reform - consultation 2016 - government response consultation response 2016 22Sep2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - table consultation response 2016 19Sep2016
Clusters of Empties funding allocations (2012) 29Aug2016
Submission to APPG Housing Task Force 2016 - conversions of redundant commercial space consultation response 2016 29Aug2016
Submission to APPG Housing Task Force 2016 - clusters of empties consultation response 2016 29Aug2016
Overview of Vacant Housing in Ireland and Potential Actions - 2016 Report 08Aug2016
Leeds City Council Report - Empty Homes Strategy 2016-19 02Aug2016
Constitution - revised draft 2016 EHN constitution etc 2016 27Jul2016
Empty Homes Guide for Parish Councils - South Lakeland 27Jul2016
Affordable Homes from Empty Commercial Spaces guidance, best practice and case studies 2016 11Jul2016
Conference 2016 - link to pictures 01Jun2016
Higher rates of SDLT - EHN consultation response consultation response 2016 26Apr2016
Compulsory purchase - further reform - consultation 2016 consultation document 2016 30Mar2016
No Stone Unturned - EHN proposal for a London Empty Homes Initiative empty homes strategy 2016 21Mar2016
The Council Tax (Prescribed Classes of Dwellings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 14Mar2016
London Enterprise Partnership NHB proposals 11Mar2016
New Homes Bonus Consultation 2015 - Sharpening the Incentive - EHN response consultation response 2016 11Mar2016
Self-Help Housing in the North of England - World Habitat Award details guidance, best practice and case studies 2015 04Mar2016
Welsh Streets stories in the Liverpool Echo link to webpage current 05Feb2016
Scottish Empty Homes Partnership Empty Homes Financial Incentives Recommendations Paper 2016 current 03Feb2016
South Lakeland Empty Homes Strategy 2015-2020 02Feb2016
Higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax - consultation consultation document 2016 28Jan2016
Local housing, community living: prospects for scaling up and scaling out community-led housing - Smith Institute report policy document current 27Jan2016
Smith Institute link to webpage 2016 27Jan2016
HCA Empty Homes Programme 2012-15 - out-turn by provider 22Jan2016
Scottish Empty Homes Advice Service empty homes strategy current 19Jan2016
Northern Ireland Housing Executive Empty Homes page empty homes strategy current 19Jan2016