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Commons debate on colliery village empties Parliamentary business 2015 25Feb2015
The SROI Network home page current 24Feb2015
Canopy Housing Project - Cost-Benefits Analysis Report 2014 24Feb2015
Designing Buildings wiki current 24Feb2015
Council Tax Exemption B - court case 2015 16Feb2015
Durham County Council Empty Homes Review 2013 empty homes strategy 2013 03Feb2015
George Clarke Empty Homes Review Recommendations - DCLG 10 point version policy document 2013 20Jan2015
Welsh Streets Decison Letter and Inspector's Report January 2015 decision/ruling/judgement (non-Tribunal/RPT) 2015 19Jan2015
Loans Booklet - Rochdale 15Jan2015
Back on the Market - Bringing Empty Homes Back Into Use - IPPR Briefing policy document 2014 04Jan2015
Empty Homes Premium - map showing proportions of empties subject to EHP 2014 statistics 2014 19Dec2014
New Homes Bonus and Local Growth Fund - responses to consultation consultation response 2014 19Dec2014
Evaluation of the New Homes Bonus - Sheffield research 19Dec2014
New Homes Bonus allocations 2015 - EHN analysis 19Dec2014
Financial Impacts of New Homes Bonus on local authorities - EHN analysis 18Dec2014
Evaluation of the New Homes Bonus - DCLG report research findings 2014 18Dec2014
Carlisle benefits of grant scheme 2014 - infographic infographic 2014 18Dec2014
Leeds Empties - Empty Homes Week 2014 infographic infographic 2014 02Dec2014
Empty Homes Survey - ComRes, November 2014 01Dec2014
Filling the Empties: national commitment, local action - EHN policy position 2014-15 empty homes strategy 2015 27Nov2014
Stopping the Rot: A Guide to Enforcement Action to Save Historic Buildings guidance, best practice and case studies 2011 29Oct2014
Section 215 Town & Country Planning Act 1990 - Best Practice Guide guidance, best practice and case studies 2005 29Oct2014
Empty Homes Premium: Guidance for Properties for Sale and Letting (CLG) guidance, best practice and case studies 2013 25Sep2014
Council Tax – Definitions of Empty Homes and Second Homes guidance, best practice and case studies 2014 25Sep2014
Report a derelict or abandoned building - webpage link to webpage current 10Sep2014
EDMO cost recovery by applicant from council - First Tier Tribunal refusal of application 2014 LBBD 03Sep2014
Minutes of Biennial General Meeting 2012 26Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2014-07-17 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2013-12-11 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2013-07-10 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2012-12-12 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2012-07-18 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2011-12-14 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2011-06-15 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Papers - 2010-10-11 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Minutes - 2013-12-11 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Minutes - 2013-07-10 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Minutes - 2012-12-12 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Minutes - 2012-07-18 25Aug2014
EHN Executive Minutes - 2011-12-14 25Aug2014