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HCA Empty Homes Funding - Round 2 - allocations 07Jul2013
HCA Empty Homes Funding - Round 2 link to webpage 2013 07Jul2013
Leeds City Council supports Leeds Empties with £100,000 investment empty homes strategy current 05Jul2013
Leeds Empties website home page empty homes strategy current 01Jul2013
EHN Good Practice Standards for Local Authority Empty Homes Initiatives empty homes strategy 2013 26Jun2013
HACT Self-Help Housing Capacity Building Programme link to webpage current 21Jun2013
Houses to Homes Initiative (Wales) - monitoring and evaluation research findings current 12Jun2013
Welsh Empty Property Initiative - Houses Into Homes report empty homes strategy current 12Jun2013
The Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Property Chamber) Rules 2013 - SI 2013/1169 Statutory Instrument 2013 31May2013
Written ministerial statement on empty homes - Mark Prisk, May 2013 empty homes strategy 2013 11May2013
London Rebuilding Society Empty Homes Fund 07May2013
Homes Again Project - Safe and Secure Leaflet empty homes leaflet current 09Apr2013
Council tax Information Letter 2/2012 statistics current 08Apr2013
New Homes Bonus 2011-12 - Statistics - House of Commons Library SN05954 statistics 2011 02Apr2013
Council Taxbase - statistics - hub-page statistics current 02Apr2013
New Homes Bonus - National Audit Office Report 2013 Report 2013 27Mar2013
Leeds Empty Homes Week - home page empty homes strategy 2013 20Mar2013
Locality - link to website link to webpage current 20Mar2013
Community Shares Unit - home page link to webpage current 20Mar2013
Maple House, Birmingham - how to get there guidance, best practice and case studies current 06Mar2013
Camden FOI case - second appeal ruling January 2013 decision/ruling/judgement (non-Tribunal/RPT) current 25Feb2013
Centre for Cities - home page home page current 21Jan2013
Cities Outlook 2013 statistics 2013 21Jan2013
Princes Park NRA Review and Update Report 2012 (DTZ for Liverpool Council) research findings 2012 15Jan2013
Housing Market Programme - Audit Commission Review 2010 (published 2011) Report 2010 20Dec2012
Housing Market Renewal Pathfinders - Audit Commission hub-page link to webpage current 20Dec2012
SAVE Britain's Heritage home page home page current 20Dec2012
HMR Programme in England: development, impact and legacy - Nevin-Leather Associates report 2012 Report 2012 17Dec2012
Housing Market Renewal Pathfinders - House of Commons Standard Note SN05953 briefing 2012 16Dec2012
HCA Empty Homes funding - Round 2 - web-page grant scheme details 2012 11Dec2012
New Homes Bonus allocations 2012 - EHN analysis 11Dec2012
VAT flyer - A4 double-sided - from RBKC 09Dec2012
CLG statistics - web-page statistics current 09Dec2012
Portas pilots and government policy on improving high streets - web-page link to webpage current 06Dec2012
Empty Homes Premium - exceptions - government response govt response 2012 06Dec2012
CLG empty homes web-page (archived) 28Nov2012
Empty Homes Premium: Calculation of Council tax base - government response to consultation govt response 2012 26Nov2012
Mental Capacity and Healthcare - Postnote 381 June 2011 briefing 2011 16Nov2012
Potential Council Tax Discount on Empty Homes - Council Tax Information Letter 2/2012 letter 2012 31Oct2012
EDMO Requirements and exceptions - consolidated SI 2006/367 25Oct2012