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Local Sustainable Homes – Book Review

Local Sustainable Homes: How to Make Them Happen in Your Community, by Chris Bird

Transition Books (2010) £14.95, paperback, 240pp, ISBN 978 1 900322 768; Kindle edition also available.

(This review is also available in PDF format - see attachment at end of review)

The localist road to sustainability

If you want to know what localism might look like translated into actual housing projects, then this book gives you all the practical examples you could possibly hope for.

New Homes Bonus draft consultation response published

The first draft of our consultation response is now available for comment. Please download from here and make your comments in the forum here.

Please note that the latest second version was loaded at 9.00 a.m. Thursday 25th Novermber. The text is substantially the same but the responses have been re-organised. The Question numbering has been reviised. A missing Question 13 has been added and text moved there from Question 4.

Government still wedded to delivery by housing associations

The latest government consultation on the future of social housing has just been published. Entitled Local decisions: a fairer future for social housing it lays out significant changes in the forms of social tenancy that will be available, confirms the intention to focus on the development of intermediate rented housing, outlines the reform to the Housing Revenue Account...and more.

Consultation on new homes bonus for empty homes?

A recent blog post from the Hasledon and Hyndburn Labour MP Graham Jones indicates that there will be consultation on including empty homes in the New Homes bonus. He also suggests there will be consultation the £100million for empty homes. Good news - but let's not forget the consultation on including empty homes in the new homes reward element of Housing and Planning Delivery Grant. Jones predicted the consultation would be published last Friday (5th November).

Empty Homes: National Commitment, Local Action: the EHN contribution to the empty homes review 2010

This (see file attachment) is the first draft of the Empty Homes Network's contribution to the review of empty homes being conducted by the government. As with last year's National Action Plan proposals (which this effectively replaces) comments of practitioners are welcome and will be taken into account where appropriate.