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Welcome to incoming Executive

With no contention for Executive places, those people nominated were returned unopposed and without the need for an election (phew!).

At its last meeting in July, the Executive voted a huge thank you to Matt Smith of Birmingham City Council (pictured left) for his two-year stint as Chair, a period that included continuing growth for the Empty Homes Network despite the cuts and was also brightened by probably the two best national Conferences that EHN has ever run. Matt's steadying influence has been invaluable during a challenging time.

New tool improves access to register of government land

The Cabinet Office has announced its Government Property Finder to help people find out about the government's property portfolio, including both surplus land and buildings that could be converted to homes.

The announcement is tied in with a plug for the government's "Right to Contest" which allows members of the public to challenge the current use of buildings or land if they think that it is being used ineffciently or inappropriately.

Landlord penalty under Proceeds of Crime Act scaled back

A landlord who was fined £1.4million under the Proceeds of Crime Act for unlawfully converting a house into an HMO and then ignoring enforcement orders requiring him to convert the house back to a single dwelling has had his penalty under the Proceeds of Crime Act cut to £544,358, according to a story published in Letting Agent Today and elsewhere.

He still faces five years in prison if he fails to make the payment.

The judges in the Court of Appeal determined that

CLG seeks bids for small underspend on CGP

The Department of Communities and Local Government is offering a "very small amount" of underspend within the Communities Grant Programme (CGP) for organisations that can spend before the end of the programme on March 31st 2015.

The deadline for submission of any bids is 22nd August 2014, so the opportunity is only available to organisations that are poised and ready with projects in existing pipelines.

Permitted development rights don't include sub-dividing a flat above a shop

In a recent appeal case, the planning inspector supported a council in refusing to give a lawful development certificate to a property owner who had divided an existing flat above a shop into two flats.

Currently it is possible under recent changes to the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) to convert retail space above a shop into two flats without needing planning permission. Prior to the changes, there had been the flexibility to create only one flat.

Government planning proposals: further relaxation for residential conversions

In a consultation document issued on 31st July, the government announced plans for further relaxations around the conversion of commercial property to residential use.

The two key proposals are in Section 2 of the Consultation document ("Reducing planning regulations to support housing, high streets and growth") and were as follows:

No mention of empty homes as Emma Reynolds announces key Labour housing policies

The 2015 General Election campaign starts here as far as housing policy goes. In a hard-hitting speech delivered in Nottingham, Emma Reynolds, Shadow Housing Minister, appears to have laid out the key Labour policies on the issue of housing supply.

The proposed policies are more radical than others that have been floated tentatively to date. They include, for example, a three-year tenancy being the norm in the private rented sector.

Network writes to ministers urging extension of Empty Homes Programme deadline

A letter has been written to Brandon Lewis, MP (Minister of State, Housing and Planning) and Stephen Williams, MP (Communities Minister with responsibiity for empty homes) requesting them to extend the deadline for the various Empty Homes Programmes beyond 31st March 2015. (The letter is in our Information Library here).

HCA and CLG - deliver or hand money back

At last Thursday's Empty Homes Summit, organised by the Empty Homes Network, representatives from the Homes and Communities Agency and the Department of Communities and Local Government stressed the need for organisations with allocations under Rounds 1 and 2 of the government's Empty Homes Programmes to be confident of delivery or hand allocations back so the funding could be re-deployed elsewhere.

Housing supply debate - honourable mentions for empty homes work

An Opposition Day debate on Housing Supply on the 9th July gives some indication of where the empty homes issues stands in current political thinking. The answer is not very far up the agenda - but in the context of Britain's housing need that is not altogether surprising given the widely-accepted view that the nation needs upwards of 200,000 new dwellings a year (and it's never clear whether that figure takes care of the backlog).

Buy-to-Leave and second homes

The motion was moved by the Shadow Minister for Housing, Emma Reynolds.

Empty Homes Network pinterest page created

There is now an Empty Homes Network pinterest webpage which will provide a useful hub of links to stories and projects elsewhere on the web as well as to features on our own website.

We welcome new followers - just click one of the "follow" buttons on our pinterest webpage....which is

Short survey seeks practitioners' views

Adrian White, a student at Plymouth University, is conducting research into housing supply, including the role that can be played by empty homes work, including conversions of redundant commercial space.

This is an interactive online suvey using Smartsurvey. It takes just a couple of minutes to complete and you're encouraged to help Adrian by doing so. We'll report the results in due course when Adrian has analysed them.

You can access the survey here.

Wales leads the way with Second Homes Premium

With the approval on 8th of July by the Welsh Assembly of the Housing Wales Bill, Wales has taken the lead with its approach to council tax on second homes by introducing what is effectively a "Second Homes Premium" to sit alongside the Empty Homes Premium.

Second Homes Premium

The flexibility introduced by the provisions of Part 7 of the Housing Wales Bill include the power for local authorities to charge a council tax premium of up to 100% on homes where:

George Osborne NO to hike in Empty Homes Premium

George Osborne seems to have given a resounding NO to London pleas for the right to hike Empty Homes Premium, as reported by the Camden New Journal who nobbled Osborne on the subject during his visit to Kilburn last week. There has been a long-running London story that was initiated by Camden Council seeking permission to double council tax on long-term empties.

HCA moves start-on-site payments up to 75%

In a recent letter (see attachment), the Homes and Communities Agency has changed its Start-on-Site tranche from 50% to 75% in order to encourage sites to come forwards sooner rather than later. This is no doubt in part motivated by a desire to avoid a repeat of the hiatus in delivery that opened up between its previous programme and the current 2012-15 progamms.

The letter makes clear that this applies to schemes within the existing programme as well as the 2015-18 programme.