Dear Colleagues

No doubt you are all bored with GDPR - and very probably challenged by it, too. Sorry to add to the boredom, but as an organisation, the Empty Homes Network needs to tell you, as a registered user of our website, how we are responding to the new framework.

The most important thing to say is simply that we are doing our level best to comply with the GDPR and that we respect your privacy rights.

For more detail, here are the highlights of our response to date:

You should follow the links and review the material above. Unless we hear otherwise, we will continue to operate on the basis that you have read, understood and accept the Privacy Notice.

We'll allow a period of a couple of weeks for any comments on the Privacy Notice to come back and then make any necessary changes. After that, if you can't accept the policies involved then we will need to part company: let us know and we will de-activate your account and you won't hear from us any more.

Some context: the point of the Network is communication between its members and the sharing of information. Unless you one of our rare 'commercial subscribers', who don't qualify for membership, you will have had to satisfy eligibility criteria before your registration is accepted, to establish that what we do is likely to be of broad interest to you in your work role. So again, if you don't want to hear from us regularly, that implies that you don't really want to belong to the Network and you should let us know so that we can de-activate your account.

This is a good time to remind you that you do have control over both what you are notified about in our digests of new content and also the frequency with which you receive those digests; and you can unsubscribe from our Newsletters if you don't want them. You can do these things from your My Account page after you have logged in.

We occasionally send you emails outside of the 'Newsletter' and 'new content digest' framework.  This is only for the most important matters such as General Meetings or important events.

Please do contact me if you have any particular issues or queries.

With regards

David Gibbens
Policy Lead/Secretary
0303 04 01 008 (leave message) or 07582 312932 (direct mobile)