Empty Homes Conference 2018 - topics and timing

Dear Colleague

Conference planning season is here.  And the first thing to say on that subject is that the Conference is to be held in the Autumn this year, not in May.  The exact date is still to be decided, but we are expecting to hold it before the clocks go back. We expect it will again be held in Birmingham. 

The organisation of the Conference is changing too, with Claire Hope offering in-depth support to me throughout the whole process. Claire works part time at Exeter City Council and has a great deal of  experience organising local Landlord Forums and the South West Empty Homes Forum, so I am very  glad to have her on board.

As always we are keen to get your proposals for topics you'd like to see on the day's programme and, if you're feeling enthusiastic, topics you'd be open to speaking on.

We will, of course, hope to persuade Andrew Lavender to offer his invaluable practitioner surgeries. I hope we will be able to entice the new Director of the Empty Homes Agency along.  And we also already have an exemplar local authority empty homes strategy lined up.

But what else?

Your ideas count: please do feel free to:

...whether about topics you would like to see on the programme or with your own offers to speak.

I see this as a read- think-reply exercise as we would like to get the speakers lined up by the end of April if possible.Thanks in advance for your input.

Best wishes

David Gibbens
Tel. 0303 04 01 008 (leave message) or direct mobile 07528 312932

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