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New Homes, Old Homes, and Empty Homes- Fraser & Fraser Blog Post

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June 19, 2022

I’ve just heard from (read: been spammed by) Hamptons estate agents. The news is that according to their Off-Plan Sales Index, 37% of new homes sold in 2021 found a buyer before being built, the first rise in off-plan sales since 2016. Although it’s perhaps still true that a number of new builds languish empty long after the paint has dried, the statistic nonetheless points to stronger demand for some homes in the absence of suitable pre-loved stock. And the fact remains that there are a great many such older Empty Homes waiting to be Brought Back Into Use.

Perhaps EHOs tend to think of our services only being useful where an empty home owner has passed away and nothing’s happening with the probate. Although it’s true that we deal with and solve such cases for EHOs all the time, a great many cases involve us simply tracing an absent owner who isn’t playing ball with you to a new address.

Everything we do is completely buttoned up GDPR-wise and we can support you through any legal and procurement processes at your end as necessary. If you’d like an informal chat about any particular empties on your to-do list, you’re welcome to buzz me anytime on 07850 739812 or email We’re here to help you BEHBIU. I look forward to hearing from you.