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Council Taxbase 2021: Empty Homes Statistics Released

November 24, 2021
This year's Council Taxbase and empty homes statistics have been released by Central Government, providing the only source of statistical data into the number of empty homes nationwide. Compiled annually and released on the 10th November, this year's data, including figures on Empty Homes, Long Term Empty Homes, properties being charged any form of Premium, along with second homes, can be found by here. Once on the .gov website, the full data can be found under the 'Council Taxbase' link at the bottom of the page. Local Authority data can then be found using either the CTB Form Tab within the document, or by looking at the alphabetical list under the 'Data' tab. As part of the statistical research being carried out by the Empty Homes Network, further analysis on the statistics, and what is happening at local level, will be available in early 2022, and published on our website.