Our Advertising Opportunities

The Empty Homes Network offer a range of advertising channels that can help you reach our audience of over 650 dedicated professionals working in the field of empty homes. Our members include environmental health, housing strategy, private sector housing and enabling staff at local authorities, as well as development staff at housing associations, community housing groups and charitable organisations.

Job Advertising

Reach your specific target market, with what we believe to be the most focused advertising available for empty homes staff across the country. Offering several ways to advertise, your job can be listed as:

  • An email newsletter

  • A homepage news story

  • A banner advert

  • An event listing

  • On our weekly content update email

Event Listings

Whether a training course, webinar, or a product launch, advertise your listing within our events calendar, and reach our members, increase attendance, and spread the word. Events will also be listed on our website content update emails, sent weekly.

Homepage Banner Adverts

Remain a permanent fixture on every page of our website and mobile platform, through our revolving advertising banner. Ensuring your name and organisation are as visible as possible throughout the customer journey, and throughout their entire visit to our website.

Sold as monthly or annual packages, our banner adverts are also a great way of promoting job opportunities, events or specific services.

Tailored to your design specification, each banner ad links through to the website of your choice, and can be changed as often as you’d like, to adapt for events listed or new services offered.

Advertorials & News Stories

Introduce yourself, your organisation and your services to our entire audience, by publishing a news story on our website. This can be in the form of a case study or an explanation as to how you can support the work of empty homes officers and the wider practitioner database, but this story is tailored to your needs, and supported as our main story for a minimum agreed period. News stories will also feature in our weekly update emails and a news article.


By providing regular content for our members, your blog posts can feature case studies, ways in which local authorities can use your services, or simply provide commentary on the things that have mattered to you and your organisation in recent times. Providing a great platform for targeted and softer marketing tools, a regular blog post can ensure you remain at the forefront of our member’s minds. 

Newsletter emails

Sent as a standalone email, rather than a content update, our newsletter emails are sent to all 650 members of the Network, and relate directly to a topic, event or job listing. Presenting a story or providing a call to action, this platform is a great opportunity to reach our membership cohort with a direct message.

Weekly content update emails

Reaching all of our members and subscribers, our weekly content update email provides our audience with a snapshot of all aspects of updated content through the website for the previous week, such as news stories, events, and empty homes specific articles taken from around the web. Within this email, a large image space is available for advertising, ideal for events, job adverts and services. This can be embedded as a static image, or as a GIF file.

The Empty Homes Network: Annual Conference

In addition, our annual national conference offers a number of promotional opportunities, which is widely regarded as the flagship event of the year in the empty homes calendar. Providing numerous options and covering a wide range of budgets, our promotional opportunities associated with the conference can run for a minimum of 4 months of the year, across a variety of platforms where advertised. See our dedicated Conference webpage here.

The Empty Homes Network: Advertising Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is outlined below, however we offer discounted rates should our advertisers and supporters be full Corporate Members of the Empty Homes Network. For further information on our discounts, please contact admin@ehnetwork.org.uk

Job Advertising: Individual options from £175 each; £295 for 2, or £450 for 3, to run concurrently.

Event Listing: From only £225

Homepage Banner Advert: From only £175 per month

Advertorials: From only £250 per story

Monthly Blog Posts: From only £175 per blog

Newsletter Email: From only £200 per email

Weekly Content Update Email: From only £125 per email

Conference Sponsorship: Sponsorship and advertising Packages from only £175

Booking and contact information

To discuss any of our advertising options in depth, or for further information, please contact admin@ehnetwork.org.uk, or call Adam on 07837 717583.