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Council Taxbase 2023: Statistics show increase across all definitions of empty homes

November 9, 2023

The Council Taxbase dataset, which provides statistical information on empty, second and exempt homes across England has been released for 2023.

The information, broken down by regions as well as local authority areas, provides a snapshot of a local authority’s council tax position, and includes a wealth of statistics, including that of empty and second homes, as well as those falling within unoccupied exempt classes.

Initial assessment of the figures overall show a national rise across all categories and definitions of empty homes, including long-term empty homes, second homes, those charged the empty homes premium, and those qualifying for unoccupied exemptions.

Local authorities are able to view their local statistics by clicking here, with users encouraged to download the full dataset under the heading “Local Authority Level Data”.

In order to provide comparison and identify trends in the numbers from previous years, the Council Taxbase datasets dating back as far as 2010, can be found here.