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EHN Statistics Research 2021: Last chance for submissions

November 4, 2021
Empty homes officers across the country are being encouraged to submit their statistics and resources surveys by the end of the day on the 6th November 2021, as the deadline for submissions draws closer. With the aim of providing comparisons to the national statistics collated through the Council Taxbase, and due for release on the 10th November, this study intends to provide corporate support to officers who have experienced rising numbers of empty homes, but also to highlight the numbers of empty homes brought back into use through determination and hard work throughout a challenging year. The survey, along with the aims and objectives of the research are outlined below: Based on the statistics held within Empty Homes Officer databases, the research aims to:  - break down locally held information and statistics into categories and descriptions of their ownership types, and reasons for becoming and/or remaining empty such as pre/post probate - compare and contrast those categories and their statistics, and determine whether trends can be found to support a national, regional, rural or urban hypothesis as to why empty homes figures have risen across the country in recent years - consider the numbers of empty homes brought back into use with Local Authority involvement and intervention - present informed conclusions based on statistical analysis, and in supporting the role of empty homes officers across the country, provide corporate backing for the continuation or additional provision of resources for empty homes work - support the roles and development of our members across the Empty Homes Network The 2021 survey is now available to download below, and submissions should be sent to no later than the 6th November 2021. It is hoped that it will take no more than 30 mins to complete, with this time spent going a long way in supporting empty homes officers, corporate strategies and policy direction across the country. All empty homes officers, practitioners and staff are encouraged to submit their data in order to provide as wide a spread of information as possible, and any questions relating to the survey should be sent to Thank you in advance for your participation. EHN Statistics & Resources Survey: 2021