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Empty Homes Premium to double in England

November 23, 2017

EDITORIAL Most practitioners will by now be aware that the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has decided to allow local authorities in England to increase the Empty Homes Premium to 100%, bringing the maximum rate in line with Wales and Scotland. Better late than never: this is a welcome move. Giving back The amounts of money that the Empty Homes Premium can bring in are significant, and an emerging Empty Homes Network policy is that if local authorities are charging this premium they also have an obligation to re-invest some of the revenue raised into their local empty homes initiative. Otherwise, the...

From Taskforce to task farce

November 13, 2017

EDITORIAL The recently published report by the Independent Task Force into the Grenfell fire recovery makes frustrating reading. Leaving aside...

Cornwall Council loan scheme passes £2 million milestone

October 17, 2017

Cornwall Council offers a range of advice and assistance to help bring long-term empty properties back into use. Its Empty Property Loan scheme has loaned more than £2 million to directly enable over 100 residential units. See press release (issued as part of National Empty Homes Week) for details, and website for further information about other available help.  

Empty Homes Week announcement

September 22, 2017

A letter has gone out to Chief Executives and Leaders of local authorities from Helen Williams of the charity Empty...

Grenfell and empty homes - EHN draft contribution to the Inquiry

September 21, 2017

I have just posted a discussion draft of a document that may be submitted to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and that explores the relevance - or potential relevance - of empty homes for the disaster. Given media reports of Grenfell survivors continuing to live in hotels, the frequent references to empty homes in Kensington and Chelsea, and the headlines when senior Labour politicians proposed requisitioning empty homes to meet the survivors' immediate housing needs, some kind of formal input from the Network seems essential. Because we don't know the facts at this point, the document is oriented towards identifying the...